Car Inspector Fucked By A Busty Blonde Who Doesn't Know How To Drive But Drives A Cock

Car Inspector Fucked By A Busty Blonde Who Doesn't Know How To Drive But Drives A Cock

My name us Tiffany, I'm 45 and I have a wonderful son named Will who is 21. Unfortunately his dad passed away when he was 3, but ever since then Will and I have had a great relationship. But a few weeks ago something happened that I never really expected, I kind of developed a little crush on my own son. I had seen his cock a few times before on accident, and it was big, so I guess 1 thing led to another. At first I was a little ashamed, but then later that night he took me out for a nice dinner just to say he loved me. So I didn't feel ashamed anymore and I decided to try something, to see if there was anything that could spark something. I started leaving my bras and underwear in the bathroom. But 1 day as I was in the living room, he came in with 1 of my thongs. “Hey mom, do you what the definition of the word 'irony' is?” Will asked. “Why do you ask that?” I asked sarcastically. “I just remember over the years you got on me for leaving my undergarments on the bathroom floor. So what kind of son would I be if I didn't return the favor?” Will asked. He obviously wasn't getting the message, but maybe it wasn't clear enough, so I tried something different. Over the years, I've taken a selection of nude pictures of myself, or a boyfriend has. So I tried leaving a nude photo of myself laying around for him to see when he got home. I left it on the end table, so he'd have to see it, and then I'd find out if anything happened. I purposely came home an hour later than normal so he'd have the opportunity to do something, if he wanted to. I came home then and found him on the couch, but the picture was gone. “Hey sweetie, how you doing?” I asked as I sat down with him. He seemed OK, he wasn't nervous or anything like that. “Well fine I guess, how has your day been?” Will asked. “Good, anything sound good for dinner?” I asked. “Pizza,” Will replied. “OK cool, I'll order it soon, and just curious, is there anything else you wanna talk about sweetheart?” I asked. It was a shot in the dark, but I thought I'd try it. He pulled out the picture from under his issue of Playboy that was on the table and tried not to look at it. “Well, this is weird honestly, and forgive me for looking at your private pictures, but can you not leave your nude pictures out here in the living room?” Will asked as he handed me the picture. So far it seemed like a failed experiment, but it wasn't over yet. “I mean you are a sexy lady mom, seriously, you are a 10 even at 45, but a son doesn't wanna see his mom naked,” Will said. Then I blushed a little, I couldn't help it given what he just said. “Mom, are you blushing?” Will asked. “Yes, I just don't have a lot of guys thinking I'm sexy anymore,” I replied. Then he got up and came to me for a hug. “Well, you are sexy mom, any guy would be lucky to have you, even at 45 you look like you are 25,” Will said. Then I couldn't help it, I just kissed him on the lips, and he didn't think there was anything wrong with that. “Oh affectionate today mom?” Will asked. Then he kissed me on the cheek and went to the bathroom. Well I guess it wasn't completely uncommon for a 45 year old mother to kiss her 21 year old son, but I wasn't done, I went to the bathroom door as he was just coming out. “Hey mom, can we order it now? I'm a little hungry,” Will said. “Sure, but first I gotta do something,” I replied. “OK what?” Will asked. Then I just came up to him and kissed him again on the lips, but for 20 seconds this time. “OK mom, I get it, you love me, I love you too, trust me. What's with you today?” Will asked. Then I brought him to my bedroom. We both sat on the bed and I took his hand, but that got him a little concerned though. “Wait, you didn't find out you have cancer or anything like that did you?” Will asked. “No, of course not, I just love you a whole lot Will and I like being affectionate with you. Have I told you that you are the best son there is lately?” I asked. “Well maybe once or twice, but mom, I've known you my whole life. I know when you are dancing around something, what's on your mind?” Will asked. Then I just kissed him a third time. “You know this is still supporting that disease theory,” Will said. Then I kissed him yet again. “First, is it weird for your mother to kiss you 4 times in 10 minutes?” I asked. “Maybe a little, but you are just being affectionate, as you said you like to be affectionate with me, but seriously what's going on?” Will asked. There was something working in my favor, he had a hard on from kissing me. So I played that, I just stripped to my bra and thong. “Mom, what are you doing?” Will asked. “Well you think I'm sexy, so why not?” I asked. Then I noticed he really had a hard on. So I took another step further and I took off my bra. He was just eyeballing my boobs. “'Wow' does not cover it, holy shit mom, you are an 11,” Will said. Then I went in for the kill and took my thong off as well. I stood right in front of him completely naked and bent down. I planted another kiss on his lips and leaned back up. Then he was sold, he stood up and kissed me right back. We made out for about a minute and he broke the kiss. “Wow mom. I don't know what this is, but I don't care,” Will said. “We're attracted to each other, and now that's it's out in the open, let's not fight it anymore. Make sweet love to your sweet mother,” I replied. “But I gotta know this won't screw up our relationship?” Will asked. “If anything, it'll bring us closer, and don't worry about a condom, I'm still on the pill,” I replied. Then we both got on the bed and he took off his pants and boxers in about 10 seconds. He immediately stuck his cock inside me and began pounding me. “Fuck me my sweet man, that's good Will. I had no idea your cock would feel so good inside me,” I said. “Well I fucking love you mom, and your pussy is a little tight. You should be having more sex you know,” Will replied. “Well maybe this doesn't have to be a 1 time thing,” I said. “We'll see. Now I want you to moan so loud you make us both go deaf mom. So take it hard,” Will replied. He kept pounding me and I seriously had no idea he'd ever be so into having sex with me. Maybe it was just because it was me, I don't know, but I followed his orders and started moaning. I put my arms around him, but didn't pull him down with me though. I didn't wanna make him have to slow down. “Yes son, thrust that cock in and out as quickly as you can make my pussy sore too,” I said. He laughed a little and leaned down for a kiss, but then I did keep him down with me. I took off his shirt, just before we made out for a few minutes. I wrapped my arms around him completely and we were . My nice rack went up against his chest and they were squished. I had a c-cup rack, maybe that really made me look sexy as far as he was concerned. “I fucking love you Will,” I said. “I motherfucking love you too mom,” Will replied. Then we kissed once again and we both turned over. I leaned up and rode him cowgirl style. He grabb
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ed onto my tits and squeezed them gently. We were both breathing in and out slowly and I think he was having trouble holding his load already. I started bouncing up and down just daring him to shoot. I knew we'd both love him shooting inside me. “And you sure know how to ride someone mom,” Will said. “Thank you son,” I replied. Even though my tits were right there, he actually looked at my face as we talked. “Well aren't you just the gentleman?” I asked. “Yes, I think so,” Will replied. Then I rode him for a couple minutes and I got up off him. “Hey, I wasn't done yet,” Will said. “Who said we were done?” I asked as I turned around. Then I started riding him reverse cowgirl style. He put hands on my butt as I bounced up and down once again. I was moaning like mad of course, then I wasn't sure how long I could last before I had to cum too honestly, a big fantasy of mine was here, and most good things end too soon. “Oh shit Will, you have the cock of a porn star. Jam it in there as far as you can and make your mom cum a river,” I said. “Well I'll get you to cum with my huge cock, but your pussy is a little tight mom, lay down on top of me now,” Will replied. So I did lay down on top of him. We both turned our heads and we kissed numerous times as he began finger fucking me nicely. He gently caressed my wet pussy and I immediately started letting out a few moans. “And your fingers Will, obviously practice does make perfect,” I said. He laughed a little and gave me another kiss. As he put his pointer finger inside my pussy, I had no choice but moan very loudly, I was breathing steadily enough, but I think Will was actually more into it as he was breathing more heavily. “Are you OK Will?” I asked. “Well I'm fucking my own mom with my cock and fingers, so yes I'm OK,” Will replied. Then he laughed and I moaned, I was about to explode all over the bed. “Oh shit Will, you are gonna make me cum,” I said. I came all over the bed and I was breathing a little rapidly. So I turned over and gave him another kiss. We made out for a few more minutes, and then I had another idea in mind. “Wow, we should do this more often,” Will said. “And once again, who said we're done?” I asked. Then I climbed down on my stomach and felt his dick. It was harder than a rock it seemed, and it was mine for the time being. I began stroking it slowly, and then he involuntarily came a little. “So you are enjoying this? Well, let's see if I can't make you cum like a fountain now,” I said just before I took his cock in my mouth. I went down as far as I could before I started to deep throat him. I learned how to deep throat years before that, but I didn't wanna pull out the big guns just yet. “And it's just as good in my mouth as well Will, you are my big man,” I said. Then I took his dick back into my mouth and did start to deep throat him. He was breathing really rapidly then, as if he was truly receiving the best blow job ever, “Holy fucking shit mom, now that is the spot. When did you learn to deep throat?” Will asked. “Why does that matter? You are enjoying yourself, aren't you?” I asked. “Oh fuck yes I'm my lady, don't stop, make your son cum some more now. I wanna cum all over the bed too,” Will replied. “You certainly will,” I said. I started going up and down rather quickly then. I knew his load had built up, but I wanted him to cum as much as he possibly could. He put his hands on my head and felt how sweaty I was. I definitely was very excited, I had never truly ever thought I'd ever be blowing my own son, but it was happening, and he was loving every second of it. That just made me love him even more honestly. “Shit mom, you are gonna make me cum everywhere,” Will said. “Cum for me Will. Cum on my face for me,” I replied. I got about a foot away and he couldn't hold it anymore, he shot at least 4 good shots on my face and boobs. Then I climbed back up with him and kissed him once. I knew he wouldn't like me kissing him with all the cum on my face, but he didn't complain. Then I laid down with him and we cuddled closely. “Well mom seriously, if you wanted to have sex with me, you should have said something, but I respect your methods. Naked pictures and leaving your thongs and bras out for me to see. Sexy honestly, now anyway,” Will said. “Really, you would just have sex with me if I just asked? No questions asked?” I asked “Well I wouldn't say that. If you really wanted it, and if you actually asked me, then I'd know you were serious. How long have you felt like this?” Will asked. “I guess it's just developed over the past few years. You have been more than a son and a friend combined, and I've seen you naked quite a few times. So I guess it just happened like that, and I love it that way,” I replied. We were silent for a minute and just glared at each other. “I think you are gonna love it a little more now,” Will said. Then he kissed me again, climbed down towards my pussy and he started licking it gently. It tickled a bit, so I laughed a little. “You think this is a laughing matter?” Will asked. “No, not at all,” I replied. Then he really started eating me out. I let out some more moans. “Will, have I died and gone to heaven, holy fucking shit. How the fuck are you so damn good at eating pussy too?” I asked as I moaned. Then he sucked on my clit and once again I think he was enjoying it even more than I was. Maybe he had a crush on me too, but although it could have developed as I was testing him. He had his tongue deep inside me, and went as far as he could go. He moved his tongue around in there and made me scream very loudly. “Shit!!!” I screamed. I was already close to cumming, I couldn't believe it honestly. Maybe it was just that he was doing it more than his actual pussy eating skills. “Fuck me like that Will, make me cum again, but all over your face this time. Then kiss me with all my cum on your face,” I said. He spread out my pussy lips and moved his tongue to hit my g-spot. Then I screamed so loud I almost did think we'd go deaf. “Fuck Will, I'm cumming!” I screamed. I came all over his face and he loved it. Then he climbed on top of me and kissed numerous times. “Well, I guess we know now how sexually attracted we are to each other despite that I'm your mom,” I said. “Yes, you could say that,” Will replied. Then we cuddled again. “Well, my sweet son, you are bar none the best I ever had since your dad. Only you and him were so sweet to me,” I said. “Well, you were his wife and from the stories I heard, he really loved you, and I love you mom. I'll do anything for you honestly. Not that I was completely turned off and just did it for you, but you are the best I've ever had,” Will replied. We kissed again and he licked my nipples for a minute. “You wanna do it again now?” I asked. “I thought you'd never ask,” Will replied. "But after this, we better order the pizza, we'll both need our strength," I said. Then we made love again, and now believe it or not, now we're closer than ever.

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