That Mosul fucks a Latin between her big and beautiful locks

That Mosul fucks a Latin between her big and beautiful locks

I didn’t really feel like going to the family reunion. They had always been fun when I was younger, but since I’d been in high school, spending a weekend with a bunch of aunts and uncles and cousins and extended relations wasn’t all that fun anymore. Now that I’d graduated and turned 18, I was looking forward to a summer of goofing off before heading off to college in the fall. This meant I had even less reason to want to spend a valuable weekend with family that I hadn’t seen in years. I’d successfully begged off the event for the past couple years, but this year the reunion was being held at our house and that left me no way to get out of it. The relatives started pouring in Thursday evening, and by Friday night the house was full of people. The guest room was full, as were the den and the living room. Somehow I’d managed to keep any cousins from bunking in my room, which I felt was a relief. At least I’d have SOME privacy this weekend. Or so I thought. I stripped down to my boxers and slipped my 5’10”, 185-lb frame into bed. Thoughts of the girlfriend I wouldn’t be seeing this weekend filled my head; we’d been dating for a few months and she was off to a different college in the fall. We spent every free moment together, and as many of those moments were spent with as little clothing on as possible. I really wanted to get laid that weekend, but thanks to the family reunion, I wouldn’t be. I laid back and fantasized about my girlfriend’s luscious, curvy body and slowly started stroking the growing erection in my shorts when there was a soft knock at my bedroom door. I let out a sigh of frustration, pulled the sheet up over me, and snapped “Yes?” The door opened. “Rick?” a young female voice called out. The voice was followed by a head peeking around the door. A very pretty blonde head. “Rick!” the girl cried out and ran into the room, jumping on the bed next to me. I had a quick impression of pretty green eyes before this mysterious blonde threw her arms around me and hugged me. The surprise took a moment to dissipate and then I realized who it had to be. “Wait a sec. Alex?” “Yes, Alex!” the blonde giggled. “Hi Rick!! Oh my god I missed you!” The irritation faded and I finally returned the hug. Alex was my little cousin. She was only a couple years younger than me, and when we were kids, she was my buddy. We went everywhere together. My aunt and uncle had moved a few years ago and we’d lost touch, only seeing each other at, you guessed it, the annual family reunion. Though since I’d skipped it for the past few years, I hadn’t seen her in quite some time. I didn’t realize what I’d missed. The last time I’d seen her, Alex had been a skinny little 12 year old with braces and knobby knees who had just started figuring out that she was a girl. Now, four years later, she’d grown up. Gone was the slightly awkward little kid I’d known and in her place was a great-looking girl. I started to feel a bit awkward, with my cousin hugging my nearly naked body so tight. Finally she sat up and those green eyes stared at me, a huge smile on her face. On her stunningly beautiful face, I noticed, and then immediately tried to ignore that I’d noticed. “Did you miss me?” Alex asked with a hopeful look on her face. “Course I did, kid,” I said, then smiled and tousled her hair like I used to. She’d always liked it when I did that. Now, though, she immediately raised her hand to straighten her mussed hair. “I haven’t seen you in years, you jerk! I’m sixteen, for christ’s sake, and the last time I saw my favorite cousin was when I was twelve!” she said, and punched me playfully in the arm. “Hey, I’m sorry,” I said defensively. “I haven’t been to one of these things in a long time.” “I know,” she complained, then crossed her arms and pouted. “I thought you didn’t want to see me.” “Hey, Alex, don’t be like that. It’s not you, I just didn’t feel like going through all this bullshit. You know I missed you.” I hugged her. “Yeah, I guess,” she mumbled. “I kinda haven’t felt like going either. Seemed so stupid, you know? Especially since SOMEONE wouldn’t be there,” and she poked my chest with a well-manicured fingernail. “But since it was at your house this year, I had to come.” She smiled at me and I smiled back. I’d missed my cousin. “So all the other rooms are full,” she continued, “and your mom said I could sleep on the living room floor in a sleeping bag but I thought since it’s your house and you’re here, maybe I could… stay in here with you?” She looked up at me through her eyelashes and I couldn’t help but think what a seductive look it was. I hesitated. I wanted my privacy, my place where I could get away from everybody. But this was Alex, my buddy. I couldn’t turn her away. With a start I realized that I was staring at her body…her long, lean body, with her long shapely legs tucked underneath her, her teenage cleavage revealed by her tank top. My baby cousin had certainly grown up, and she’d grown up hot. I also realized that the semi-erection I’d had when I started jacking off earlier had blossomed into a full blown hardon. She looked at me expectantly, and I knew if I said no, I’d disappoint her and hurt her feelings. I’d just have to ignore the fact that she was a smoking hottie as best I could. I made a show of thinking it over, then said “Well…I SUPPOSE you could stay in my room.” Then I grinned. “Thank you Rick!” Alex beamed and hugged me tight again. I tried not to think of how good her body felt, and definitely tried to ignore the straining of my boner against the thin sheet that separated us. I shifted to try and keep her from feeling it against her. I didn’t know if I succeeded, but judging by the blush on her cheeks, I’d guessed that I hadn’t. “I’m going to…get changed,” she said softly, then bounded off the bed and ducked into the bathroom. (I had my own bathroom off my bedroom, another reason to keep my own room closed off from everyone else.) I laid back and exhaled loudly. I thought about baseball. I thought about Grandma. I thought about getting hit in the nuts by a soccerball. I thought about everything and anything I could think of to try and wipe the eerie feeling of arousal and attraction I had to Alex from my mind. Nothing worked. This was going to be an interesting weekend. Then the bathroom door opened and I saw something that definitely wasn’t going to make it any easier. Alex came out of the bathroom wearing a nearly-transparent little babydoll top and a pair of tiny little shorts that hugged her tight, round ass. Her blonde hair fell in heavy waves over her shoulders and her green eyes sparkled at me. My dick surged anew and throbbed in my shorts as I gaped at her. I finally got control of myself, mentally wiped the drool from my chin, and looked away. I think she was blushing. I also think I saw her nipples start poking through the thin material of her top. “Hi,” she said. “H-Hey,” I said back. “Ready for bed?” “I sure am,” she replied, and I swear there was a bit of a quiver in her voice. Then she grinned. “It’s gonna be just like when I slept over when we were kids!” I smiled and skooched over. I had a queen-sized bed so there was plenty of room. She hopped up on the bed and slipped under the covers. “We have a lot to catch up on,” she said. “Yeah.” I tore my gaze away from those mesmerizing green eyes and stared up at the ceiling. I feigned a yawn and said “It can wait for tomorrow, I’m exhausted.” “Okay,” she said, sounding a little disappointed. She leaned over and kissed my cheek, her hand, either accidentally or by design, landing on my chest. “Goodnight Rick,” she breathed. “G’night Alex,” I said quietly. I reached up and shut off the light, then rolled over and tried not to think about the amazing body in the flimsy little outfit lying not a foot away from me. ****************************** I waited for Alex’s breathing to slow, then when I was sure she was asleep I turned to look at her. She had a ligh
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t dusting of freckles across her little button nose, and her heart-shaped lips glistened with lip gloss. I had been hard as a rock since she’d come into the room and my erection hadn’t abated at all. I slowly drew the sheet down off of her, my eyes roving over her incredible body. I ached to reach over and run my hands over her body, to feel her skin under my fingers, to bury my hands in her hair and kiss her neck and plunge my aching cock deep inside her. I struggled with the complete inappropriateness of these thoughts. Alex was my cousin, I shouldn’t even be thinking of her that way. But look at her…look at how beautiful she is, look at how sexy she is, look at how fucking HOT she is, I argued with myself. Almost without realizing it, my hand had moved towards her and was stroking her hair. Slowly, so I wouldn’t wake her, I slid over closer to her until her body was mere inches from mine. I let my fingertips slowly glide down her body, over the curve of her hip, down her thigh, then back up again, resisting the urge to cup and squeeze her ripe peach of an ass. My cock throbbed in my shorts and I reached down to free it, wrapping one hand around my swollen shaft and stroking slowly while I continued to feel up Alex with the other hand. A little moan escaped her lips as she shifted in her sleep, rolling onto her back, one leg out straight, the other bent to the side. Her top rode up, exposing her taut belly. I slid my hand up her stomach, pausing slightly before gliding up and over the twin globes of her perky teenage breasts. Her nipples stiffened, standing out against the thin material of her top. I ached to lean down and take them between my lips. I let my hand glide downwards, towards the apex of her thighs. I hesitated before gently cupping the mound of her pussy in my hand. I could feel waves of heat radiating off of her. She moaned softly again and her back arched, pressing her mound against the palm of my hand. Her shorts felt damp. I closed my eyes and argued with myself again. I felt like a complete pervert but I couldn’t help myself. As I gently rubbed Alex’s gradually dampening slit through her shorts, her lips parted and she started breathing more heavily. I was careful not to wake her, but I was completely turned on by how she was responding to me. Her body started moving, her hips rising and falling, making her top ride up even more until her breasts were exposed. I gave in to temptation and leaned down to kiss each erect nipple lightly. Another soft moan escaped her parted lips. I grew bolder. Slowly, carefully, I slid my hand underneath her shorts, until I encountered her slit. Her outer lips were slick with her juice, and as I eased a fingertip between them, I felt how wet she was. My fingertip found the swollen bud of her clit and she jerked, whimpering. I held myself rock-still, hoping like hell she wouldn’t wake up. Alex settled back down, and once her breathing had slowed a bit, I began stroking her pussy once more. This time I went slower and softer, and her body responded perfectly; she started grinding her pussy against my hand, whimpering and moaning quietly. I wanted, I needed, to be inside her, to bury my cock balls-deep inside this steaming hot little cunt that I was fingering, to fuck her so hard she wouldn’t be able to walk straight the next day. I closed my eyes and breathed deep, slowing my rampant lust. Her shorts had slipped down off of her hips. I drew them further down and carefully parted her thighs so her pussy was exposed to me. I looked at it, marveling at the beautiful pussy my cousin had, at its baby-smooth exterior and perfect pink lips that just begged to be nibbled and licked. I closed my eyes tight, wishing the urge to plant myself inside her would go away. I was already way over the line and would get murdered if I got found out. But I couldn’t help it. Desire burned in my body like nothing I’d ever felt before. I slowly moved so I was between Alex’s thighs. I brought the tip of my cock to her tiny opening. Alex’s eyes flew open and locked onto mine. “R…rick?” she breathed. “What are you…” I silenced her by shoving my cock deep inside her. I growled as her tight, wet teenaged cunt enveloped my throbbing hard pole, slamming into her so hard I lifted her ass up off the bed. Her eyes went wide and she gasped. I held myself there for a moment, staring into her eyes, knowing that mine were burning with forbidden lust. Alex stared up at me, her emerald eyes a mixture of confusion and desire. As the fog in her brain cleared and she realized what was going on, I expected her to scream for help. But she didn’t. She simply looked up at me, her cheeks aflame, her chest heaving, her hips making involuntary grinding motions against me. “What are you waiting for, Rick? You’re already inside me, so fuck me already!” I pulled away and stared at her in shock, an evil grin growing on my face. I started fucking my beautiful cousin, my cock pounding in and out of her tight little cunt. Her hands grabbed at my chest, my shoulders, my back, her legs flailing, as she gasped and moaned. “I can't fucking believe this, I can't believe you're fucking me, you fucking pervert fucking your cousin!" I was getting close. I grabbed her hips and fucked her roughly, using her cunt like a sex toy to jerk off my cock. She stopped flailing against me and started moaning. “Rick, Rick, what the fuck, what the FUCK!!” She came, her teen pussy tightening around my dick, arching her back and thrashing on the bed, biting down on a pillow to keep from screaming. I reached up and took a handful of thick golden hair. I pulled not too gently, tipping her head back, her eyes and mouth wide as I stared into them and groaned, my cock erupting blast after blast of hot cum deep into her. “Uggggggh,” she moaned as she flopped back on the bed. “Now my pussy’s all cummy.” Then she looked up at me, her eyes questioning. I looked at her. “Alex,” I began. “Shut up, Rick. I saw the way you were looking at me. I felt how hard you were when I came in here. I know you wanted to fuck me. And I...I teased you." "Alex?" "Why do you think I wore this to bed? I knew I was gonna be sleeping in the same bed as you. I knew you were staring at me. I wanted...I mean, we haven't seen each other in so long, and I missed you so much, I wanted you to pay attention to me, I just never thought..." "Oh Alex, I'm sorry." Shame flooded my mind and my face burned red. "I don't know what came over me, I're just so beautiful, and you're so hot, and I just...I couldn't help myself." "Really?" she said. "Really," I said. "I just had to have you. You're the hottest girl I've ever seen and I just wanted to fuck you so bad that I just had to." Alex looked away and I flopped back on the bed. I was going to jail. I was a dead man. "Rick?" came Alex's voice, softly. "Yeah?" I answered. "Do you love me?" That gave me pause. "Of...of course I love you, Alex. You''re my pal. My little buddy. I've always loved you." "Could you..." she began hesitantly, "could you hold me?" I reached for her and she moved into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and she held on to me tightly. After a few minutes, I became conscious of her ass nestled against my dick, which started to stir again. When she felt it, she held stock-still. "Rick? Are you getting..." "I'm so, so sorry, Alex," I said, and pulled away. "No!" she said and grabbed me. "Don't pull away from me! I want you...I need you close to me." She nestled against me, her bare breasts pressed against my chest, her lips inches from mine. "Please stay close to me." "Okay, okay, I will," I said, and pulled her closer. Her legs went around my waist. I felt her pussy rubbing against my cock. "Rick..." she whispered. "Alex..." Our lips met. I rolled onto my back and her pussy sank down onto my cock. She sighed and started rocking back and forth on top of me. Yes, this was definitely going to be an interesting weekend. The preceding is a work of fiction. None of the events depicted in this story actually happened. Any similarity to any actual people or events is entirely coincidental.

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